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School should always be "vivante"!*

We think schools should always be "living", meaning they are active and centred around children, while open to the outside world; we believe they should be fully devoted to each child's fulfilment, no matter the form of intelligence or level, no matter if that child is gifted, precocious or in difficulty.

For us, school should favour emulation, not competition; cooperation and dialogue, rather than individualism; autonomy and self-discipline, instead of submission. It teaches living and learning, along with content.

We know that this can exist in the public school systems. But to do so, there is a need for financial means, as well as State support, instructor commitment, a quality system to train educators, pleasant facilities, reasonable personnel, participatory methods... All conditions which are becoming rare, unfortunately.

We therefore energetically defend teachers and parents fighting to preserve this type of education, whether it is public, private, in an educational establishment or via homeschooling.

*lively, living, enjoyable

A team specialized in modern teaching methods...

We are a team of specialists from the worlds of publishing and education, supported by an experienced, expert network.
Like in Asterix’s adventures and the magic potion, Sylvia Dorance, "fell into the Freinet method when she was little"; behind the original Ecole Vivante initiative, her career has been oriented continually toward modern teaching methods and creativity:
• editor-in-chief for children's magazines at Milan and Nathan (French publishing houses),
• author and director of educational, encyclopaedic and documentary series (Retz, Hachette, Magnard, La Martinière, etc.).

...and in publishing for children, parents and teachers

When addressing children and adolescents, visual and communication aspects are even more important than with an adult public. It is Corinne Leveuf, graphic artist and artistic director (Gallimard, Laffont), who designs our publications’ entire look, making them as accessible and easy to read as possible.

Our "lucky charm" illustrator

Catherine Nouvelle illustrates a great many of our works. Why are we so faithful?
Of course, because we think a good deal of her talent. But also for much more objective reasons: her style is unique and varied; she doesn't try to follow fashion, but makes her own way; and her drawings convey the balance we think best for children: tenderness without mawkishness, witty humour, and a richness that means adults enjoy her work as much as children do.

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