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learn to write education app: how to write for toddlers

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I can drawrite (iPad) and Drawrite (iPhone):

learning to write while drawing


Children draw a lot. Their hands become more and more agile. Their lines are more mastered.
They begin to sketch signs outside their drawings and to say "There, I wrote".
They know that the grown-ups use pencils for other matters than drawing.
It is then that we can begin, always by playing, to teach them the gestures which will result in writing.

Montessori and other active teaching methods

The app I can drawrite has been designed to guide your child, stage by stage, in a confident and autonomous discovery of the gestures of writing.

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Your children draw the forms which lead to writing letters.

je sais écrirej'écris les lettres

They train to master and to refine their hands skills. They begin to write real letters.

As these activities can be resumed as often as they want it and as they concern all forms and all letters, by the end your children become able not only to write but also to give free rein to their creativity.

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